Make your day a sales day

As a leading provider of marketing and sales services Axivas is your partner for professional new customer acquisition and the continuous development of existing customers. We see ourselves as a flexible resource developing new sales potential and increasing the efficiency of your sales. Our expertise ranges from Lead generation to customer development through the activation of cross and upselling potentials on to after sales support in the sense of Churn Prevention and contract renewals. Therewith, our performance is not only qualitative but also based on your sales cycle far beyond those of our competitors. The passion of our 600 sales specialists is the sales and distribution: We can make your day a sales day.

Nina Henny

Marketing & Communications Manager

Sales funnel

Nina Henny

Marketing & Communications Manager

The sales funnel:
Our sales and marketing activities for you

The aim of all sales activities is the sale of a product or service. The sales funnel visualises the marketing and sales processes involved in this, from selecting possible sales opportunities from a high number of as yet unqualified contacts through to actually closing the deal.

With our expertise, we offer solutions along the entire sales process.

Our cases

Success at eye-level: Our industry know-how.

The closer the market is and the more complex the products, solutions and services are, the clearer our experience and our know-how shows. We know individual branches like our own and which trends and developments will have a future effect upon success.

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LogisticsInformation technologyAutomationTelecommunicationsHealthIndustries

Every location is a standpoint:

Our EMEA locations.

With 45 languages at 11 locations in Europe, Africa and the Middle East, customer proximity is not only a buzz word. But it is a requirement for our joint success.

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