After Sales:
Churn Prevention

„Winning market shares through loyal custom­ers.“

Andreas Ackermann
Senior Account Manager, Sell Action GmbH (Axivas Joint Venture)

Initial Situation

„When it comes to gaining market shares with new customers we have to clench our teeth! New customer acquisition is time consuming and expensive. Statistics indicate that the relationship and bond to existing customers is far more effective. But how do we avoid losing our customers to other competitors?“ (Quote customer)

Due to better prices and conditions more and more customers show a higher willingness to change. By our client, an international IT group, this trend is strengthened due to expiry deadlines in contractual commitments, the service provider changed and it comes to a loss of customers. In order to recognise customer tendencies at an early stage and take appropriate action our client drew upon the services of Axivas for telephonic support and a professional Churn Prevention.

International IT Group
Products & Services
Software, Services, Hardware, Solutions
  • Location: Worldwide
  • Project rollout: Germany
  • Employees: 10.000+
  • Stock exchange listed: Yes
  • Axivas services: Data Profiling, Demand Generation, Churn Prevention


Objective is to establish a permanent sales team which will then provide a continuous telephonic address pool support and at the same time builds up a trusting customer relationship. Signals that indicate losing a customer are analysed at an early stage and countermeasures initiated.



Target groups: SME companies with up to 1.000 employees

Project planning

  • Joint workshop re target definition with clients sales and marketing responsible persons
  • Determination of method of procedure and definition of campaigns
  • Product training Tele Sales Agents
  • Project definition – test phase - Go-Live

Project implementation

Data Profiling

  • Profiling of data for targeted approach with marketing campaigns
  • Generation of relevant information as a basis for market cultivation

Demand Generation

  • Targeted installed base customer care of our customers in SME
  • Identification of turnover potential for the entire portfolio (hardware, software and services) and a therewith consistent filling of the sales pipeline
  • A rigorous positioning and strengthening of our clients presence as an innovative and responsible quality service provider in midmarket with a varied product and service portfolio
  • Closer working cooperation with the partner organisation and increase in sales efficiency of business partners
  • Sustainable and intensive utilisation of market potential and increase in market penetration through the development of a strong force

Churn Prevention

  • Intensive and sustainable professional personal care of end customers
  • Continuous telephonic customer care of customers, in which IT solutions are jointly searched, solutions that meet current requirements
  • Establishment of an early warning system for churn endangered clients with definition of a reaction process


Data Profiling

  • Continuous updating and completion of the database
  • Precise approach to decision makers

Demand Generation

  • More than 26.000 identified and in real terms accepted projects
  • More than 800 mio. € real offer volume by through Axivas generated projects
  • More than 120 mio. € generated turnover through Axivas

Churn Prevention

  • The care of a solid customer pool ensures a structured customer approach in which the previous dialogue may be incorporated by reference
  • Timely complaint management, in the call Axivas reacts de-escalating in critical situations and provides for openness on the end customers side
  • Regular dialogue also with smaller SME clients ensure that they also feel well cared for and accepted as installed base customers
  • Customers that tend to a competitive solution are „captured“ at an early stage, so that a customer specific solution can be elaborated on therewith providing the customer with a perspective

Benefit aspects for the customer

  • Problems and challenges from the customers side are communicated openly and proactively
  • Increase in customer proximity and customer retention
  • Winning of market intelligence through direct feedback from customers
  • Maximisation of customer satisfaction
  • Quality and efficiency gain in sales and marketing. Sales employees can concentrate on new customer acquisition
  • Generation of higher revenue and profit margins
  • Winning of market shares


„Customer proximity is the key to success.“