Demand Generation

„The customer struggles with long sales cycles.

Good that he comes to us with it all.“

Yvonne Mullins
Operations Director

Initial Situation

„Our solutions and products do not sell overnight. Complex projects have long lead times and require professional, intensive care and support. We need an experienced, professional partner, a partner that keeps us permanently present as a topic of conversation and discussion and therewith continually creating demand“ (Quote customer)

Sales cycles are taking longer, depending on the solution or product, the sales cycle can take several months or even years. Our customer, an international, successful software manufacturer, aims to find a partner that can provide support primarily in Demand Generation, national and international. The customer is drawing upon the services of Axivas in order to identify the relevant decision maker, for the further development and care of qualified contacts and new customer acquisition.

Internationale software manufacturer
Products & Services
Software & consulting services
  • Location: Worldwide
  • Project rollout: DACH, EMEA, CIS, CEE
  • Employees: 65.000
  • Stock exchange listed: Yes
  • Axivas services: Data Profiling, Demand Generation, Telemarketing


The challenge of this project lies in the provision of an international team, a team providing and meeting the high quality performance required across all locations. For this purpose, industry expertise and appropriate sales skills are required. In addition to that the sales processes between Axivas and the client must be clearly defined and differentiated. In order generate demand on the market the Tele Account Manager must bring along plenty of enthusiasm and product experience.



Target groups: Cross Industry (New and installed base customer) CEO, CIO

Project planning

  • Joint workshop with the customers sales & marketing persons of responsibility re methodology and target definition
  • Determination of method of procedure, processes and IT
  • Selection of suitable sales strong Tele Account Manager with industry experience in software segment
  • Product training for the Tele Account Manager
  • Project coordination – Test phase - Go-Live

Project implementation

Data Profiling

  • Updating of existent databank
  • Identification and qualification of relevant decision makers and processing of economic data
  • Generation of relevant information as basis for future market cultivation

Demand Generation

  • Nationwide market cultivation and presence in SME sector
  • Continuous deployment of the same Tele Account Manager
  • Close exchange with the clients sales & marketing
  • Implementation of Outbound calls / execution of Call-Mail-Call campaigns
  • Receiving and sales processing of incoming Inbound calls
  • Improvement of the Sales Pipeline with Leads and Opportunities through nationwide market cultivation and presence
  • Generation of qualified Leads with a high degree of maturity
  • New customer acquisition, also international
  • Positioning of the customers portfolio on the market
  • Regular trainings for Tele Account Managers re products and new features

Nurturing & Reporting

  • Further development and nurturing of the qualified contacts
  • Providing support for potential customers in their decision making processes and provision and transferring of more customer product information and knowledge Improvement in customer relations
  • Transparency & flexibility for the customer through defined processes, reports and exports


Data Profiling

  • Completion of the databank with regard to address and contact person level, the relevant decision maker and economic data
  • Provision of a contentual detailed resubmission to coordination of further action measures and future approach to account

Demand Generation

  • The Sales Pipeline improved and the basis for future market development optimised
  • Creation of market transparency
  • Our international structure makes it possible to offer services with maximum efficiency within the customers sales & marketing landscape
  • Processes and a flexible project management: Through regular feedback exchanges during the project the customer is continuously informed of the course of the project and the results; Optimisation potential is quickly recognised and reacted to

Nurturing & Reporting

  • Provision of a fixed headcount for optimal customer care and support and nurturing
  • Continuous running of customer specific trainings for a best possible state of knowledge or as the case may be, portfolio. Therewith, the products are ideally positioned for potential customers.

Benefit aspects for the customer

  • Provision of a fixed team of experienced and sales strong employees (growing know-how / product specialisation / sales techniques)
  • Improved care and support / support of potential customers in their decision making process
  • A more in-depth degree of processing potential customers, winning of sales Leads with a short term need
  • Optimal and individual tailor made action measure concept for new customer acquisition (jointly developed processes)
  • Ensuring perception as a solution provider in Social Media context
  • Expansion of the Lead Funnels (10 % increase in value) and a continuous follow up of the generated contacts
  • 35% work relief of own Inside Sales team


Together with our client we have developed new models in the framework of Demand Generation and have now been successfully working together for over 10 years.

„We take care of the awareness and high profile of your brand and the ongoing demand.“