Digital Marketing

„Using social networks in sales and marketing is not rocket science.“

Nina Henny
Marketing & Communications Manager

Initial Situation

„Our company is present in Facebook, Twitter, Xing and Linkedin. Our regular postings and the blog receive plenty of attention in our target group. We would like to establish a professional dialogue with our customer. But, how do we identify Social Media potential? And above all: How should we profitably use these channels for our sales 6 marketing?“ (Quote customer)

Our client, a global player in the manufacturing of hardware and software, would like to expand his activities in social networks. To bring the complexity of content creation with the benefit of new Leads in relation, our client is drawing upon the services of Axivas regarding an analysis of said channels and support in Lead generation.

Global Player in Soft- &
Products & Services
Hardware, Software,
Services & Solutions
  • Location: Worldwide
  • Project rollout: Germany
  • Employees: 22.000 (Germany) / 450.000 (worldwide)
  • Stock exchange listed: Yes
  • Axivas services: Social Analytics, Social Listening, Social Lead Generation


Experts with communication and research experience in the Social Media environment are not widespread. Recruiting and briefing resources costs time and money. Axivas has its own Social Media experts, available as required and individual according to customer requirements.



Target groups: Decision makers from business sectors system administration and telecommunication infrastructure.

Project planning

  • Joint workshop to methodology and target definition with the clients’ sales and marketing responsible persons and determination of methods of procedure
  • Deployment of Axivas Social Media experts

Project implementation

Social Analytics

  • Checking and adjustment of key words after first search runs
  • Analysis of selected Social Media platforms in order to identify blogs, forums and business networks in which relevant themes are discussed or mentioned
  • Defining of fixed blogs, forums and business networks which should be continuously evaluated

Social Listening

  • Capturing the mood on the net
  • Identification and definition of key words that are connected to the product/market or industry in order to determine sales potential

Social Lead Generation

  • Comprehensive market cultivation and presence
  • Identification of Leads and Opportunities in Social Media environment


Social Analytics

  • Generation of additional information about products and markets
  • Development of Best Practices for the successful application of Social Media
  • Proximity to customers with an active interest
  • Development of a new marketing platform

Social Listening

  • Identification of demand at an early stage
  • Determination of client customised key words

Social Lead Generation

  • Less competition in early status of the sales cycle
  • Automated Lead tracking to serve development of a sales pipeline

Benefit aspects for the customer

  • Showing personal presence in the Social Media environment
  • Reduction of costs per Lead/Opportunity
  • Increase in pull or push activities
  • Managing the brand in the Social Media environment and skimming of market potential.
  • Ensuring perception as a solution provider in Social Media context


„The analysis and presence in Social networks has gained a measur­able added value for our client.“