Event invitations

„The client wants a fully booked event. We fill his guest list.“

Cristina Gonzalez
Senior Sales Manager

Initial Situation

„In a highly competitive market the targeted placement of products and solutions is considered crucial. Through specific events we would like to offer our customers a special added value. In a certain framework, for a moment they are focussed exclusively on us. How do we persuade the customer to accept our invitation?“ (Quote customer)

Our client, a worldwide successful software manufacturer, is seeking support in the domain of event invitations. In order to welcome as many, above all, ready to buy customers, the client commissioned the services of Axivas with the deployment of a targeted event invitation campaign. With our experience, we were not only able to convince the customer to participate in the event, but alike of the product itself.

International software manufacturer
Products & Services
Software, Consultancy Service
  • Location: Worldwide
  • Project rollout: Germany
  • Employees: 65.000
  • Stock exchange listed: Yes
  • Axivas services: Event invitations, Telemarketing


The date and location for the event have already been defined. There are another 4 weeks until the event. The limited period of time complicates the reachability of the 300 selected customers as also their short notice participation.



Target groups: IT and finance managers, Cross Industry, existing customers

Project planning

  • Joint definition of objectives and method of procedure
  • Adjustment of technical requirements

Project implementation

  • Customer invitations per telephone
  • Customer support during event registration
  • Data qualification during the campaign
  • To optimise processes, using of the customer‘s own CRM system
  • Direct working cooperation between Inside Sales, the clients Solution Manager and Axivas Sales Professionals
  • In case of rejection / refusal to the invitation: Demand Generation by means of positioning of target group appropriate solutions through Axivas Senior Sales Professionals with adequate product experience


  • 31% of the contact persons registered for the event
  • Enhancement of data quality through additional Data Profiling
  • Pipeline generation through flexible strategy change during the telephone call, in total this concerns 5% of the contacted persons
  • Continuous transparency of campaign development through the usage of the clients own CRM system
  • Not all seats at the event were allocated, our clients pipeline could be filled directly

Benefit aspects for the customer

  • Fully booked event with almost 100 participants
  • Profiling of data and respective updating in clients own CRM system
  • Enhancement of client business relationship
  • Creation of a targeted need of a solution, also for non-participants
  • 25% work load relief of own resources
  • Additional Lead Generation (5% of the contacted companies)


„A successful event: lots of enthus­ias­tic guests and above all, a satisfied client.“