Inside Sales / Tele Sales

„The client required more capacity in sales. We provided him with a flexible inside sales.“

Zesur Kurtisov
Senior Sales Manager

Initial Situation

„Our sales and marketing consist of a team of all rounder’s’’: from cold calling, to appointment scheduling, re-submissions and customer visits up to follow ups, everybody does everything. We would like to unburden our sales and marketing so that they can concentrate on what is really essential. How can we find appropriate, adequate resources?“ (Quote customer)

Instead of the structuring and development of an in-house supporting inside sales department Axivas offers Inside Sales as an adequate and customised solution. Our client, an SAP system vendor from Germany, placed their trust in us with the development of a qualitative Sales Pipeline and the therewith associated telephonic cold calling, appointment scheduling and Demand Generation.

IT service provider
SAP system vendor
Products & Services
  • Location: Germany
  • Project rollout: Germany
  • Employees: 500+
  • Stock exchange listed: No
  • Axivas services: Inside Sales, Tele Sales


The objective is to continuously provide the client with qualified Leads. For this purpose a so called tandem model is set up consisting of a Tele Account Manager and a client employee. All processes and tasks regarding the processing of addresses must be clearly defined. Technical features and conditions must be created so that all parties have access to the data at any given time. As well as that Tele Account Managers are given product training so that the Demand Generation may be driven in such a high quality, just as the clients own employees.



Target groups: SME companies in the chemical pharmaceutical industry

Project planning

  • Joint workshop with the customers own sales employees re methodology and target definition
  • Determination of method of procedure, processes and IT
  • Selection of suitable sales strong Tele Account Manager with experience in the  chemical and pharmaceutical industry
  • Product training Tele Account Manager
  • Project coordination – Test phase - Go-Live

Project implementation

Inside Sales

  • Continual deployment of the same Tele Account Manager
  • Lead Generation and scheduling of appointments for the field staff by our clients’ potential new customers
  • Close feedback exchange with our clients sales & marketing department
  • Assistance in needs assessment, customer care and support from sales to project completion

Tele Sales

  • Regular Tele Account Manager trainings re products and new features
  • Joint planning of sales and marketing strategies for the target segment
  • Joint sales activities with regard to the target groups
  • Skimming of market potential
  • New customer & installed base customer development
  • Dispatch of info material and email dispatch from a client address


Inside Sales

  • Enhancement of client base
  • Optimisation of customer satisfaction through an improved reachability of sales & marketing
  • Generation of extremely valid and perfectly prepared customer appointments
  • Monthly pipeline of 6 - 10 sales appointments

Tele Sales

  • Targeted implementation of sales & marketing actions
  • Jointly executed telephonic actions with sales, on location by our client, lead to a WIN-WIN situation
  • Prompt info material  per post and email

Benefit aspects for the customer

  • Long lasting yet flexible customizable deployment of experienced and sales strong employees
  • No time or quality loss due to employee absence due to illness
  • Highly detailed and seamless documentation
  • 70% work load relief of own sales resources on telephonic activities. This time was purposefully invested in sales force appointments which were scheduled through the Axivas
  • 30% more external sales appointments
  • Increase productivity – an average of 20% time saving in own sales teams to project completion
  • 8% increase in WIN rate in project period
  • Close dovetailing between sales activities and Telemarketing
  • Quicker information exchange and joint customer strategy development
  • Familiarisation of new sales employees in the customer segment through Axivas Tele Account Managers


„Through us, your sales team can concen­trate on it‘s core compe­tences.“