„Whoever knows his clients knows when the client is ready to purchase.“

Sascha Egner
Senior Account Manager

Initial Situation

„The presence of our company in the SME business sector needs to be strengthened significantly. We can only win business if we show proximity to our customers and if we possess market expertise. Our sales team must focus on completing the sale and on key accounts. Who will develop new Leads and Opportunities until we can take over?“ (Quote customer)

Our client focusses on the SME business sector and with over 1.000 customers is one of the leading SAP solution providers in Germany. A market which is marge driven and in which there are so just many providers around. The relationship to existing customers and key accounts is an important element of and in sales. At the same time, new Leads must be continuously identified and processed. Axivas supports its clients through Demand Generation and consequent Nurturing.

SAP Partner
IT Service Provider
Products & Services
Software, Consulting Service, Support & Services
  • Location: Germany
  • Project rollout: Germany
  • Employees: Approximately 1.000
  • Stock exchange listed: Yes
  • Axivas services: Data Profiling, Demand Generation, Nurturing


The clients‘ challenge is the enhancement of positioning in the SME sector and nationwide market cultivation. Alongside opening doors by new customers and in new industries, the company pursuits a sustainable care and further development of the Leads right up until a high degree of maturity. Here it is necessary to be able to provide experienced employees with the required skillset at short-term notice.



Target groups: Managing directors and IT managers in medium sized enterprises in manufacturing and service industries.

Project planning

  • A joint workshop addressing methodological and target definition with the sales and marketing managers of our client
  • Determination of method of procedure, processes and IT
  • Selection of the appropriate sales strong Tele Account Manager with industry experience in sectors software and sales techniques trainings
  • Project coordination – test phase - Go-Live

Project implementation

Data Profiling

  • Identification of approx. 10.000 companies
  • Profiling of the companies address and contact person level and commercial data
  • Analysing and prioritisation of the 10.000 companies
  • Generation of relevant information as a basis for future market cultivation

Demand Generation

  • Nationwide market cultivation and presence in SME
  • Positioning of our client in SME
  • Generating interest our clients service portfolio


  • 20% increase of sustainable customer retention
  • Betterment of the Sales Pipeline with Leads and Opportunities of at least 10% within 12 months
  • Further development and care of the qualified contacts
  • Support of interested prospects during their decision making processes and communication of product knowledge
  • Execution of regular email campaigns


Data Profiling

  • Continuous updating and completion of the databank on address and contact person level
  • Provision of a contentual detailed resubmission for the derivation of additional measures and future approach of accounts

Demand Generation

  • The Sales Pipeline improved by 12% within 9 months and the basis for future market cultivation optimised
  • Customer retention increased by 18% within 18 months


  • The conversion rate (transferred Leads/ transferred Opportunities) in relation to realised contract closures increased to a rate of 22% in the first 12 months of the working liaison.

Benefit aspects for the customer

  • Lasting yet flexible shapeable deployment of experienced and sales strong employees
  • No time or quality loss due to illness caused absence of employees
  • Work relief of 35% in own inside sales team
  • Highly detailed and consistent documentation
  • Build up and expansion of the Lead Funnel (12% added value)
  • Deeper processing degree of potential buyers, winning of Sales Leads with short- term needs
  • Increase of 22% in closure rate in the first 12 months
  • 18% increase in customer retention within 18 months


„The key to success is endurance and contin­uity.“