Sales Portal

„Improved perfor­mance & transpar­ency through optimal data manage­ment.“

Jörg Schwarz
Chief Information Officer

Initial Situation

„I am looking for a standardized system for my distributor and for myself, a system to which we have access from everywhere and in real-time. It should help us to improve internal processes and best case, be compatible with our existing systems. Are there any affordable solutions? “ (Quote customer)

Our customer, a financial services company with a main focus on payment transactions, evaluated the utilisation possibility of a centralised system to ensure a seamless traceability of the processing status of Leads transferred to the distributor, or self-managed Leads as well as a real time performance review across all distribution channels. With the CRM software Sales Portal Axivas presented an optimal solution statement.

Financial Service Provider
Products & Services
Cashless Payment Transactions
  • Location: Germany
  • Project rollout: Deutschland
  • Employees: 28
  • Stock exchange listed: Yes
  • Axivas services: Sales Portal


Due to the complexity of modern corporate organizations, the large number of data movement and appertaining linkage as well as the therewith necessary multiple evaluations of the same data sets, data management has become a major problem in business data processing.



Target groups: Persons providing services to business persons, who can accept payments by credit card, check card, debit card or similar systems.

Project planning

  • Joint workshop for determination of objectives and definitions of processes to be drawn up
  • Determination of a project plan
  • Project coordination – Test phase – Go Live

Project implementation

  • Realization of a fully automated synchronization with the internal systems via appropriate interfaces and tools
  • Creation of an authorization concept with user individual system of filter criteria for datasets
  • Spanning of initial distribution structures for indirect sales
  • Establishment of additional data structures for customer information or segmentation criteria
  • Additional information for Lead qualification (content questionnaire)
  • User individual language settings
  • Implementation of reporting and analysis requirements


    • A seamless traceability of processing status of self-managed Leads
    • Real-time performance review across all distribution channels
    • Detailed definition of processing steps for various Lead classifications
    • Detailed definition of regulations for distributing Leads via the partner network or to internal inside sales
    • Assessment of inwards channels for Lead information and establishment of suitable quality analysis methods
    • Identification of key performance indicators and methods to serve measuring success according to various criteria
    • Determination of information interfaces for the results of credit assessments through „Operations“
    • Precisely adapted to the requirements of individual participants evaluation possibilities based on up to the second information and a better comparison of data redundancy
    • Adjustment CI, layout, surface design, configuration of input and visual fields

Benefit aspects for the customer

  • Consistent management of sales units
  • Transparent overview of the results of the Lead processing procedure
  • Management of potential customers
  • Mature reporting and controlling possibilities
  • Centralization of data sets, thereby creating the basis for an effective target group segmentation


„A unified system leads to optimised and transpar­ent processes.“