The Sales Funnel:
Our sales and marketing activities for you

The aim of all sales activities is the sale of a product or service. The sales funnel visualises the marketing and sales processes involved in this, from selecting possible sales opportunities from a high number of as yet unqualified contacts through to actually closing the deal. Considered from a purely statistical perspective, an interested party needs to come into contact with marketing aimed at new customers seven times before a basis for trust can be established and they are ready to buy.

With our expertise, we offer solutions along the entire sales process.

Contact discovery

The starting point of successful sales constitutes a tailor-made marketing. We support you not only in defining eligible target groups, but also in the acquisition and refining of the required database.

Lead qualification

At this stage of the sales funnel it is essential to gather as much information as possible about your prospective customers.

Lead development

With our tools, campaigns and follow-up management, we guide your prospective customers at their purchase decision by providing the right information at the right time.

Opportunity development

If the clients desire to buy has turned into a tangible need, a real-time sales opportunity can emerge. In this phase of the sales funnel first offers are created, and adjusted if and as necessary.

Deal closing

Up to this point, countless contacts made to prospective customers regarding complex products in a dynamic competitive environment now pay off.

Customer development

In order to nurture and develop clients, we provide customer care continuously and professionally throughout the entire sales cycle. Main focus points are customer satisfaction, customer retention and customer activation.

Our skills, guaranteeing your success.

More turnover or lower costs? Work relief or strengthening? The skills of our sales experts, consultants and data specialists are as varied as the ways our customers define success. Whatever expertise or level of performance you require – we ensure that you meet your targets. Find out more about our range of services.